When my dear friend Kat announced that this week’s theme for Friday Click was yellow I knew straight away what I would be photographing.  I am a big fan of Transformers and only recently been at the movies to watch the latest in 3D! The effects were amazing and while watching it I really got a sense that if I would stretch my arms I could touch my favourite character.

Last year my husband bought my a mini Bumble Bee for my birthday, not my only present I have to add 🙂 but he knows me and I just adore anything tiny and miniaturised so it was just the most natural thing for him to get me a mini Bumble Bee after falling in love with it having just seen the second movie 🙂 Revenge of the Fallen.

Having been very busy this week, amongst shoots and training I left it until the last minute to take my photos, so apologies for the lateness…

Isn’t Bumble Bee the cutest! 🙂

Before and during transformation

After Transformation