Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0941

Back in January my dear friend Katya invited me to visit her in Bulgaria where she moved back to a couple of years ago. I was thrilled at the thought of the trip and off course taking photos of her with her doggies for my personal book project and of the stunning scenery.

Which brought me to the predicament of what camera to bring with me. I simply adore my Canon 5d MkIII but the limited luggage allowance, I was travelling with in cabin bag only,  meant that my Canon would have been too much, also what lens to bring and so on. But I didn’t want to compromise too much on the quality of the images. I have done a lot of research and found that the Sony RX100M2 is a very capable tiny compact which produces really sharp and high quality images in a portable and lightweight package.

I have to say that I haven’t been disappointed with it, I shot in RAW and manual and this little beauty coped really well fast focusing and giving great exposures!

Come the end of April and finally the time arrived for my anticipated trip 🙂 So here is a some of my favourite shots, all edited in Lightroom first to correct white balance to my taste and add clarity, then onto Photoshop for the creative editing.

I hope you enjoy my little snaps!

Katya’s garden!

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0942

The beautiful Bozhentsi’ village, I felt like I was inside a fairytale book, so gorgeous and isolated in the middle of nowhere and not visible from any road until you actually get there

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0989

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0990

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0992

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0993

Family Portrait, Katya with her hubby Paul and the doggies! From left to right the sweet Monty who was very camera shy and didn’t like posing for me lol, Fendi, Amber, Halle, Lindor and Margot 🙂 There were also a couple of cats that were not around at the time of the shot

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0994

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0995Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0996Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0997Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0998

Off for a long 4.7 miles walk!

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0952

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0953Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0954Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0955

More walks 🙂

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0956

And the obligatory portrait with the gorgeous Poodles in a meadow field

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0957Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0958Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0959Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0960Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0961Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0962

Just down the little piazza the lovely friendly lady from the restaurant greets you as you pass by

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0963

The local souvenir shop 🙂

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0964

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0967Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0968Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0969Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0970Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0971Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0972Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0973Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0974Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0975Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0976

The town of Gabrovo

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0977Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0978Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0979

Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0980Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0981Sony RX100M2 | Bulgaria_0982