Nonsuch Mansion is a gorgeous venue so it is only natural that when I got the opportunity to shoot there again I would get very excited.

With a great team in place we got to plan and get ideas together on a pinterest board, visuals are so important to deliver the concept and ideas to the rest of the team and Gwenda from Fearless Florals is a master at that.

I love the anticipation of seeing what the team has come up with, from the dresses, stationery, cake to the make up and hair style on the day. Seeing the shoot unfold is like watching magic.

Anyway without further ado these are my favourite shots from it, hope you enjoy looking through them.

Happy sunny weekend to you all!

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Special thanks to the wonderful team:

Model, Florist and mastermind extraordinaire Gwenda Jeffs of Fearless Florals

Make up and hair Anneke Irving from Retromorphosist 

Stationery Jinder Raja from The Finer Details

Dresses Charlotte Emilie Hardwick from Wilden Bride London

Shoes Marsha Hall 

Cakes and cookies Elizabeth Solaru from Elizabeth Cake Emporium

‘Luna’ Star Hair Garland: What Katy Did Next

Venue Nonsuch Mansion