A week ago I decided to start a long-term personal project involving taking a photo a day, everyday of anything I see while out and about for a walk with my dogs or just simply anywhere I happen to be. Street photography is new to me and I never thought it would have been an area that I would have particularly enjoyed or even be good at, but to my surprise I have fallen in love with it. While out I am getting inspired and meeting lots of lovely members of my local community. If I am any good at it I will leave it up to you my followers and readers to decide. I have always had the gift of being open and able to talk to anyone anywhere and I am positive that this experience will enrich me and at the same time will help me improving my photography skills.

I will dedicate Mondays to my Nifty Fifty project’s review of the past week where I will share my previous week’s images and stories.

Here are the images from last week.

Our friendly refuse collector

Tommy is a lovely local Irish man that we often encounter on our walks, he is really friendly and loves dogs.

One little lonely daisy which is a bit early…

My Kyra and her beloved daddy, nearly home…

Our local butcher, he is very good and popular, he has a good selection groceries and we often get our eggs, fruit and veg as well as meet from him

These Sicilian lemon muffins are my favourites!

A lovely local hairdresser having a break chatting on her mobile. I love the way she is smiling.

I have been spotted here by all three ladies 🙂 It’s so lovely how everyone doesn’t mind me capturing a moment in their lives.

I was on my way back home from the SWPP, this year’s photography convention and spotted these cute girls on the opposite platform all dressed up like big cats, as soon as I started snapping them they were giggling and striking poses for me.

This morning on our walk everything was covered in frost. I love how frost makes everything look so pretty! this may be my favourite image of the week…

I hope you enjoyed my first week and that you will be back to check this week’s images next Monday! See you then 🙂