So I had a bit of an ambitious idea, or at least I thought it was, of putting together a team and going to Italy to photograph a couple in love on a boat while navigating the beautiful coast of Liguria, complete with a perfectly sunny day. I started thinking where to begin to make it happen… Find an in love couple, a make up artist and hair stylist all willing to travel for it, plus a boat, a dress designer to lend me some beautiful dresses… But so it happens that it all came together, and not only that, I was blessed to also have my good friend Krishanthi come along and capture some video footage of the experience! Just like a dream, I couldn’t have wished for a more amazing and perfect team!

All set and we headed off to Liguria where I had the use of a lovely boat, thanks to my dear family and turned what was just an idea into reality.

I am so extremely grateful to the most incredible team! You are simply the best! Thank you for all your enthusiasm, hard work and dedication!

Hair and make up Mel Kinsman

Dresses by Dana Bolton

Video Krishanthi Williams

Couple Alessia Trombetta & Alessandro Ambicco

I will share the video when it is ready 🙂

I now leave you with the images of our lovely day!

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