On Wednesday 20th June, the longest day of the year, together with my ‘Sisters photographers’, a lovely group of talented female photographers I have the honour to belong to, we shot a day in our lives and we are all set to blog about it today. I will add and share their blog’s link as they post so come back to check for some fun as we all blog our days.

Wake up time!!

The first thing I see is Skye who likes to jump on top of my chest to greet me and make sure I am awake, get up and give her her breakfast!

And here all my three darlings good and patient waiting for the go ahead to eat, they are very civilised

After their breakfast as they go in the garden to do their business I admire my huge eucalyptus tree, I remember when I brought it home in my Golf as it was only 3 feet high and now it dominates the skyline. The wonderfully fragrant philadelphus in the foreground is in full bloom at the moment and I just love its delicate scent.

Every year I plant lots of pots full of Cosmos flowers, they are so pretty and cheerful and flowers and they keep flowering throughout the Summer. I enjoy admiring their colours first thing in the morning, nothing better to give you a happy start.

Tea time!

Shower! To wake me up properly…

I have a thing about porridge at the moment, I add blueberries to it to make it more interesting and sweet, it’s so yummy!

Then me and Stevie, my dear hubby, take the girls for a walk. They love walking and sniffing and I enjoy doing it together, walking them on my own is not as much fun…

The all important ‘pit stop’ as Stevie taught the girls, for an all too important treat and drink

Back in the office for a long day editing a beautiful wedding…

A dear friend of mine arrives to visit with her brand spanking new VW Camper van, What a  great colour too!

One of her sweet poodles looking out at us while she shows me around the pretty camper van

We had a lovely evening, dining, chatting, laughing and spending time together. This was a bitter sweet visit as it was a goodbye visit, Katya and her hubby and beautiful poodles have now left for a two months Europe tour before heading off to live in Bulgaria for good. I will miss her lots and I wish her and her husband a very happy new life.

So there you are, that was my day on the 20th June. I really enjoyed this mini project and I hope you have enjoyed the images.

Please also pop over and check out my sister’s blog post too!

Anna Bowkis

Kat Hill

Charlotte Powless

Lauren Baker

Karen Flower

Happy Sunday to you all! x