It’s Monday afternoon and as I am browsing one of my favourite photography groups on FB, Gary Lashmar writes that he is looking for 5 photographers max to take part of a secret mission in London the day after, Tuesday. I am a bit scared of what the mission may be but I go for it and put my name forward…

Fast forward to Tuesday, we meet at St Pauls station and after a brief hello, how are you chit chat we all get given a randomly selected envelope containing our mission. Gulp!

We spilt up straight after taking our envelope and I start reading my mission with a mix of excitement and fear. Will I be able to complete it or even start it lol

We were clearly instructed not to communicate with any other participants during the mission and to use a wide angle lens as an 85mm would be for cowards…

Shot One: Take the tube to Marble Arch station. Wait until 14:05 and take a picture on the platform. You have 5 mins to take the shot and must include a person in the shot.

Shot Two: Get back on the tube and head to Tottenham Court ROad. Wait until 14:25 and take your shot on the platform.

Shot Three: Exit the station and head (on foot) to Trafalgar Square. Take an image in the square (not before 14:55) Now find your way to Oxford Circus Station.

Shot Four: At 15:25 (no later) take a shot from outside Oxford Circus Station.

At this point we had a bit of time to take five bonus shots which had to be taken on the tube before heading to Liverpool Street Station for our last shot.

Here are my five images:

And finally onto the last shot – Shot Five – Liverpool Street -after you have taken your 5 bonus images, you will head to Liverpool St Station. Exit the underground and head to the main departures area. You should now head upstairs for a high vantage point and aiming down, take your last photograph:

Phew! I had moments of being uncomfortable and that is great, I love photographing people. Thank you Claudia and Gary for organising this fun day, it has been inspiring.