Last week I was invited by my good friend Ayshea from My London Wedding Planner to go and check the Etsy Wedding Fair. I love Etsy, it’s full of wonderful things so I had no hesitation in tagging along and plus got to spend some time with my friend ūüôā¬†We got chatting¬†to most of the lovely and extremely talented vendors exhibiting their work and I wish I could get married again to use all the wonderful ideas that were on display. I have to say I would have great difficulties choosing what to go for! Today’s brides are so spoilt for choice!¬†I took my camera with me of course and if you have missed it here is a little review in pictures!¬†And the oh so very important¬†list of the fab¬†vendors, make sure you go and check them out!

We Are Arrow Jewellery

Comeuppance Unique and lovingly handmade paper decor

Hello Pops of Colour Bouquet confetti

Wolf and Ink Handmade letterpress stationery

Debbie Carlisle Bridal accesories

Mustard and Peaches Wedding rings

Miss Sarah Cake Custom made colourful glittery cake toppers

Curiousme Design Hand drawn stationery

Hetty Rose Bespoke shoes

Gilly Gray Flower girl dresses and Accessories

Gibson Bespoke Luxury bridal & accessories

The modern love Elegant dresses

The lovely drawer stationery designed and illustrated with love

Linden flowers Flowers

Ivy Nixon Jewellery Bespoke handmade and vintage jewellery

Kate Temple Bespoke hand stitched ties

Sepia Smiles Invitations, save the date, confetti and home decor

Cheeky Toons Custom illustrations

Cristina Rossi Photography_0156

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