It was a beautiful and sunny day and it couldn’t have been more perfect for Mariepearl and Richard’s wedding day with a lovely reception at Brook Farm in Cuffley.

A real Spring wedding full of daffodils and beautiful fields, even a lake! What an idyllic and romantic location to celebrate ones love.

Mariepearl looked a dream in her Caroline Castigliano’s dress. A blue belt added a lovely accent to match Richard’s tie and her bridesmaids dresses.

The day was full of fun and love and everyone had a wonderful time.

I really loved the DJ choice of music, one song after the other really put a happy step in me.

Every single wedding I photograph I am so touched by the love and the emotions that get shared and this was no different, sometimes I really have to fight the tears of emotion flooding down my cheeks.

Mariepearl and Richard I wish you many happy years together, thank you for letting me part of it.

Thank you very much to Clare Tam-Im for second shooting this with me 🙂

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