Botleys Mansion Wedding_0227


I first met Joe & Jen when my good friend and buddy photographer Sally got me to photograph their proposal at Kensington Roof Gardens’ restaurant Babylon, and little did I know then that I would eventually be lucky enough to document their beautiful day.

They used to live opposite each other and take the same train to work every day. I think I believe in faith and their story is one of those that confirms it all for me. It is like it was all planned for them and it was inevitable that they would end up together one day. They make the perfect happy couple!

Jen looked stunning in her St Patrick’s dress! The whole day was so relaxing, everything went to plan, even the weather was on our side with perfect blue sky complete of pretty clouds. A magician provided some amazing entertainment that had the guests watch in disbelief, one of the guest even got hypnotised! I have never seen anyone hypnotised that close, I have always been quite skeptical believing it was a staged thing, but I think I may think otherwise now….Impressive.

I will always have extra special fond memories about Jen and Joe’s day, I feel like I have photographed a family wedding. Thank you truly for the joy of being part of your celebrations and thank you my dear Sally for trusting me to photograph their proposal in the first place and everything that came after that….

Special thanks to Karen Flower for second shooting this with me and producing truly beautiful images!

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Botleys Mansion Wedding_0228Botleys Mansion Wedding_0229Botleys Mansion Wedding_0230Botleys Mansion Wedding_0231Botleys Mansion Wedding_0232Botleys Mansion Wedding_0233

Botleys Mansion Wedding_0178Botleys Mansion Wedding_0179Botleys Mansion Wedding_0180Botleys Mansion Wedding_0181Botleys Mansion Wedding_0182Botleys Mansion Wedding_0183Botleys Mansion Wedding_0184Botleys Mansion Wedding_0185Botleys Mansion Wedding_0186Botleys Mansion Wedding_0187Botleys Mansion Wedding_0188Botleys Mansion Wedding_0189Botleys Mansion Wedding_0190Botleys Mansion Wedding_0191Botleys Mansion Wedding_0192Botleys Mansion Wedding_0193Botleys Mansion Wedding_0194Botleys Mansion Wedding_0195Botleys Mansion Wedding_0196Botleys Mansion Wedding_0197Botleys Mansion Wedding_0198Botleys Mansion Wedding_0199Botleys Mansion Wedding_0200Botleys Mansion Wedding_0201Botleys Mansion Wedding_0202Botleys Mansion Wedding_0203Botleys Mansion Wedding_0204Botleys Mansion Wedding_0205Botleys Mansion Wedding_0206Botleys Mansion Wedding_0207Botleys Mansion Wedding_0208Botleys Mansion Wedding_0209Botleys Mansion Wedding_0210Botleys Mansion Wedding_0211Botleys Mansion Wedding_0212Botleys Mansion Wedding_0213Botleys Mansion Wedding_0214Botleys Mansion Wedding_0215Botleys Mansion Wedding_0216Botleys Mansion Wedding_0217Botleys Mansion Wedding_0218Botleys Mansion Wedding_0219Botleys Mansion Wedding_0220Botleys Mansion Wedding_0221Botleys Mansion Wedding_0222Botleys Mansion Wedding_0223Botleys Mansion Wedding_0224Botleys Mansion Wedding_0225Botleys Mansion Wedding_0226