Christmas time is normally a time for reflection for most of us. I always like to see what I have achieved in the year that is about to finish and make plans for the year ahead.  This year is no different and I have spent the last few days going through all my image and pick my favourite ones. 2013 has been a very busy year for me indeed. I have learnt a lot and met some wonderful people along the way. I feel truly blessed and grateful to everyone that has crossed my path, made great friends and life couldn’t look more exciting for 2014.

If you manage to look through all the images, I bow to you and I thank you in advance for your time, there is a lot, I couldn’t cut it down any more 🙂 Every single image I have chosen is worth being celebrated 🙂

But before we dive in I want to thank every single couple that has trusted me with capturing their memories of their most important day of their lives, I am truly honoured and appreciative. I also owe a big thank you to my sisters, amazing talented photographers that without whom I definitely wouldn’t be where I am, thanks for their support and friendship and to the following colleagues/friends/sisters for opportunity to work with them, thank you Alexa Loy, Aga Tomaszek, Jayne SaccoKat Hill, Becky Male, Karen Flower, Sally Beard, Cecelina TornbergClaire Tam-Im, Joy Foulds, Last but not least to my incredibly talented  friends and collaborators with whom I had the pleasure to create some fantastic styled shoots which led to many blogs and magazines’ features. If you are reading this and recently got engaged make sure you check them out!

Stationery – Jinder Raja The Finer Details

Cake – Elizabeth Solaru Elizabeth Cake Emporium

Florist – Gwenda Jeffs The Vintage Floral Design | Heather & Andy Essential Couture

Make up  – Lisa Alger Essex Wedding Beauty | Ana Milena Ospina Ana Ospina Make up | Maggie Dreher  Maggie Dreher Make Up | Jenni De Falco

Videography – Johanna & Apos Urban Cinematography

Home Made Shoes – Marsha Hall

Wedding Dress – Federica Bruno Federica Bruno Couture  | Charlotte Emile Harwick Wilden Bride | Charlotte Garratt 

To a wonderful 2014!

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Corporate Head Shot

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